Take Away

Take Away

Due to the latest government regulations we now offer take away-options within our opening hours as well as on Christmas and New Years Eve.
Updated opening hours from 28th of December onwards 3pm to 8pm
Reservations made within the same day by calling 0207919601
Pre-booked reservations via email [email protected]

Delivery options in Saariselkä area when reserved in advance 15€

Take Away menu

Finnish blini L (G)
Served with traditional russian accompaniments Local caviar, whipped sour cream, red onion

16,50 €


King crab soup L (G)
King crab bisque, shellfish beignets, anise cream

15 €

Leipäjuusto salad L
Deep fried finnish cheese, Reindeer pastrami, berry vinaigrette

15 €

Beetroot Carpaccio L, G
Goats cheese mousse, apricot gel, pistachio nuts

12 €



Sautéed reindeer L, G
Buttered mash potato, pickled gherkin, lingonberries

27,50 €

Reindeer fillet L, G
Potato pavé, smoked corn purée, sautéed porcinis, marinated cranberries, jus

39,50 €


Artic Char L
Carrot and ginger purée, bouillabaisse, fennel, roe

38 €

Pepper Steak

34 €

Daily vegetarian suggestion

23,50 €





Rum chocolate torte L, G

Chocolate Myesli, gingermousse

14 €

Leipäjuusto baked in phyllo pastry L Cloudberry compote, hazelnut ‘popcorn’, cinnamon chantily

14 €