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Finnish blini L (G)
Served with traditional russian accompaniments Local caviar, whipped sour cream, red onion

16,50 €

Leipäjuusto salad L
Deep fried finnish cheese, grilled stone fruit, local charcuterie, peppery greens, berry vinaigrette

15 €

King crab soup L (G)
King crab bisque, shellfish beignets, anise cream

15 €

Flambéed prawns Cafe de Paris G Fragrant butter, parmesan, cointreau

16,50 €

Arctic Char L
Cured in glögi, dill sour cream marble, local rye

14,50 €

Beetroot Carpaccio L, G
Goats cheese mousse, apricot gel, pistachio nuts

12 €



Snow Grouse and Goose textures L (G)

Grouse breast, confit leg, goose rillette, arancini, parsnip vanilla purée, jus

48 €

Sautéed reindeer L, G
Buttered mash potato, pickled gherkin, lingonberries

27,50 €

Reindeer fillet L, G
Potato pavé, smoked corn purée, sautéed porcinis, marinated cranberries, jus

39,50 €

White fish from lake of Inari L
Mussels, rooibos caponata, turmeric potatoes, iberico bacon

33 €

Artic Char L
Carrot and ginger purée, bouillabaisse, fennel, roe

38 €

Mystery steak

Enquire through your server

34 €

Daily vegetarian suggestion

Enquire through your server 23,50 €



Spiced chocolate fondue L

Shortbread, meringue, marshmallow, fresh fruit

13 €

Cloudberry panna cotta L, G
Infused with coconut and thyme, cloudberry wine, honeycomb

15 €

Rum chocolate torte L, G Blood orange sorbet, ginger mousse

14 €

Leipäjuusto baked in phyllo pastry L Cloudberry compote, hazelnut ‘popcorn’, cinnamon chantily

14 €

Variations of lappish berries L
Combination of raspberry, blueberry, cloudberry, lingonberry and cranberry

16 €