À la carte


Buckwheat blini, Whitefish roe, Red onion and Sour creme

17,50 €

Lappish Porcini mushrooms, Gratinated with Garlic Butter and Parmesan

13,00 €

King crab soup, Anise foam, Kale torte

15,50 €

Cold smoked Reindeer with Mascarpone, Apricot, Hazelnut and Balsamic glaze

15,50 €

Whitefish Crudo; Buttermilk, Spruce, Bonito flakes and Pickled Chantarelles

16,00 €


Whitefish from Lake Inari, burnt orange, Salsify and sauteed Lettuce

39,00 €

Fish of the day

39,00 €

Daily Vegetarian Suggestion, enquire through your waiter

24,50 €


Traditional sautéed Reindeer with butter mashed potatoes, pickled gherkins and lingonberries

29,00 €

Snow Grouse breast, Goat cheese risotto, Goose textures Beetroot, Cranberry gel, Jus

49,00 €

”Reindeer Duo”

Reindeer filet and Entrecote, Celeriac mousseline, Light mushroom cream, Cloudberry glaze

42,00 €

Black Angus Sirloin Snails sauteed in Herb butter, Blue cheese cream, Baby spinach, Garlic potatoes

39,00 €


“Forest floor”
Matcha white chocolate mousse, Strawberry, Lingonberry gel, Birch leaf sorbet, Chocolate crumble

15,00 €

Tonka bean flavoured ”Leipäjuusto” – Lappish cheese ”, Sablèe Biscuit Cloudberries, Coffee flavoured Crème

14,50 €

“Shades of Autumn”
Redcurrant steeped cake, Cloudberry creme Anglaise, creme Chantilly, Fruit leather

13,50 €

Varlhona Passion fruit tart, Mango, Chocolate Ice cream

13,50 €