Dinner menus

Menu 1. Okta

Buckwheat Blini, Whitefish Roe, Sour Cream, and Red Onion

Snow Grouse breast, Goose textures, Goat cheese Risotto, Beetroot, Cranberry gel, Dark Game sauce

“Forest floor”
Matcha White chocolate Mousse, Strawberry, Lingonberry gel, Birch Leaf Sorbett, Chocolate crumble


80 €


Menu 2. Guokte

Lappish Porcini mushrooms gratinated with Garlic butter and Parmesan

Whitefish from Lake Inari, Burnt Orange, salsify and Sauteed Lettuce

Tonka bean flavoured ”Leipäjuusto-Lappish cheese”, Sablèe biscuit, Cloudberries, Coffee flavoured Creme


66 €