Dinner menus

Notice: During the spring season, up until the end of April 2024, we will only serve the menus listed below:

Menu 1. Okta

Buckwheat Blini

Local lake fish roe, sour cream, red onion

Reindeer Topside

Forest mushroom tartlet, Jerusalem artichoke puree, lingonberry jus 

Lappish Berries

Blueberry parfait, raspberry pâte de fruit, cloudberries, cranberry meringue, lingonberry gel

74.5 €


Menu 2. Guokte

Smooth King Crab Soup, 

Dill cream, cheese choux pastry 

Local White Fish 

Roasted tomato, asparagus, saffron cream, burbot roe

Lappish Cheese 

Almond and hazelnut baklava, cloudberries, cardamom cream, rose syrup

72 €


Menu 3. Golbma

Lappish Porcini mushrooms, 

Gratinated with garlic butter and Emmental  

Crumbed Lappish Cheese 

Crisp polenta, buttered greens, gochujang mayonnaise 

Baked Chocolate Cheesecake

Salted honeycomb popcorn, seabuckthorn gel

58 €


Spring Menu

Dill and Pink Pepper cured Salmon Pastrami 

Poached rhubarb, yogurt, herb oil

Grilled Lamb Rack 

Sweet potato, rocket, mint hollandaise, chimichurri 

Lemon and Spruce Tip Posset 

Spruce sugar, plums, white chocolate

73 €